NFPA 70E High Voltage Qualified Training
NFPA 70E High Voltage Qualified Training

High Voltage Qualified Training Course (601V to 69kV)

The High Voltage Qualified training delivered by QEST is based upon NFPA 70E 2018 version.

The Qualified Electrical Safety Training provided High Voltage Qualified course (based upon NFPA 70E and OSHA) is approved by the Kansas Electrical Continuing Education Review Committee for continuing education required for electrical licensing. The High Voltage Qualified training is approved for 6 hours Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

High Voltage Qualified Course Attendees Will Learn:

  • HV Qualified and Safe Work Regulations
  • Working with Energized Equipment Safety Practices
  • Tools and Equipment for Live Line Work
  • De-energizing Testing
  • Electrical Hazards and Mobile Equipment
  • Tape In / Tape Out – Creating a Safe Work Zone
  • Boundaries for Public Safety (Limited Approach)
  • Minimum Approach Distance
  • When is it Live-Line Work?
  • Tasks that don’t require a Live-Line Permit
  • De-Energizing, Testing and Equipment Verification
  • Why Ground?
  • Requirements for Field Testing

The High Voltage Training Course is Recommended for:

  • Linemen
  • Safety Engineers
  • Supervisors
  • Electricians
  • Electrical Engineers

Course Outline

Regulations & Training
High Voltage Safety Hazards
Work Practices & Responsibilities
Electrically Safe Work Condition
Safety Grounding
Signage Requirements
High Voltage Safety Equipment
Live Line Tools
Personal Protective Equipment
Rules & Policies
Mobile Equipment
Step Potential
Industry vs. Construction
Simulated Exercise: 13.8kV Fuse Replacement

Class Fees


Includes High Voltage Workbook and Lunch

Note: Completion of the Low Voltage Qualified Training Course is a pre-requisite and is required prior to attending this High Voltage Qualified Course. The NFPA 70E 2018 issued in the Low Voltage Course will be also be used for the High Voltage Qualified Course


5-9 attendees from the same company: $325.00/class
10 or more attendees from the same company: $300.00/class